Centralized Database – A Nonprofit Organization

Industry: Non-Profits, Associations and Organizations
Solution: Centralized Database
Technologies: ASP.NET, SQL Server
Solution Type: Custom Database Application

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TITA, a non-profit technical institute and trade association headquartered in Chicago works with those in the  structural steel design as well as construction communities to provide various services related to the civil  engineering industry. Their certification program sets the standard for the industry and is recognized nationally  for its quality in certifying steel and steel structures.

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TITA faced issues with their certification program when it came to keeping customer information and their  certifications organized in the system. All of the data was previously recorded as lists in separate spreadsheets. The company needed an organized application to maintain their client list and certifications. TITA saw an opportunity to improve customer service while removing the delays and inconsistencies caused by manually  entering information into spreadsheets.

Their process of certifying clients also had inefficiencies that a software solution would help resolve. Our  client’s customers needed to pay a fee before someone is sent to audit the site to issue a certificate. The invoices for these fees were being calculated and created manually for every customer. Furthermore, in order  to request and schedule an auditor for the job, TITA had to send out email requests to their contracted inspectors until someone responded with an offer.

After the auditor offers to do the job, our client then had to contact the company to be audited in order to get  an approval for the auditing dates. This entire invoice and scheduling process had the potential to improve with automation.

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The solution we created for TITA helped address their organizational issues. All data regarding the company  and their customers is now consistent and secure through automation. The centralized database keeps information connected and automatically logs business activities. This way, TITA is aware of who made what changes in the data (such as when an invoice is generated). It also became easier to pull up necessary  information about customers or company activities with a search feature. Both of these features decreased overall processing time.The scheduling and invoicing processes have also been improved and automated.

Now, requests for audits can be sent out and approved automatically with an audit scheduler feature. This  feature allows both the auditors and auditees to receive emails with hyperlinks. Then, TITA can click the hyperlinks and approve or reject requests instantly. This reduces the processing time from a few hours or days to minutes. Similarly, when invoices are generated, they no longer are calculated manually. The system can  charge the appropriate fees for certification and create the invoice. When it comes time to print the certification, it can be generated and printed directly through the system as well.

We continue the relationship with TITA by providing additional solutions to assist other aspects of their  certification program. The next project is aimed directly at field auditors and will help them manage the process before, during and after the on-site audit.

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