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Industry: Construction
Solution: Website with Applications
Technologies: ASP.NET, SQL Server
Solution Type: Website

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The pipeline construction company is based in Houston, Texas and has several years of experience in the oil and gas pipeline industry.

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The company was using an existing Microsoft Access based system to manage pipeline projects. The system worked well but lacked the versatility of a central database. Project information was stored on a single laptop, which prevented multiple people from accessing project information. The company needed a web-based solution which would enable them to manage all projects centrally. The system also needed the ability for their staff to work without an internet connection since work is often performed at sea where broadband internet connectivity is unavailable.

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Pipe Tracking System
The company can now manage their pipe line projects effectively using the power of a web based system. All projects are stored in a central database so users can access any project. The new system designed by alligatortek is an improvement from their previous Microsoft Access based system. The previous system needed extra software installed on each staff’s PC. Since the new system is web based, an internet browser is all that is needed to access the new system.
Customer Self Service
Customers can log into the system and access the latest information regarding their project. This gives the company’s customers instant access to their project and saves the company time since they do not have to field calls from their customers. The company can generate reports in the system and save them in the web system for customer viewing. Customers also have read only access to certain screens in the system so they can view details regarding their project. This enables the company to always keep their customers informed with minimal effort.
Using the System Without Internet Connectivity
Custom functionality was developed to enable users to manage their project without internet connectivity. The company inspects and installs pipelines underwater and job sites out in the ocean where there is no wireless broadband internet connectivity. The system provides the company with the ability to ‘check out’ a project, which takes all the project data from the web system and moves it to a laptop. Once a project is checked out, a user can manage their project without internet connectivity. When the user is able to re-connect to the internet, they can ‘check in’ the project and all project data is synced back to the web system.
Customers can also log into the system and view their project information without contacting the company. The web based system also enables the company to manage a project with or without internet connectivity and provides the ability to sync up data.
The custom pipe tracking system enables the company to effectively and efficiently track the inspection and installation of pipeline projects.

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