Streamline your business with a

one-stop ERP solution.

Streamline your business with a one-stop ERP solution.

Picking the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is intimidating. How do you, as a business leader, select one software to manage key business functions (inventory, order processing, accounting, HR. The payoff will be worth the effort: streamlined workflows, reduced costs, and better transparency through the company.


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Signs your company needs an ERP

  1. Team members spend time on data re-entry or duplication
  2. Your company uses more than one system for doing the same tasks
  3. Mission-critical business data slips through the cracks
  4. Your current system’s functionalities limit your company from growing
  5. Your departments do not have the access to key business data in a timely manner
  6. You are paying licensing fees for multiple systems and you are looking to reduce costs.


Considering custom?

Off the shelf ERP systems come with their own set of challenges:

  1. The system is not designed around your specific processes. Tasks that were once simple for you can become overcomplicated with an off-the-shelf ERP.
  2. You are paying to use the system. Mass ERP systems are priced based on a licensing model. For each new employee you bring on, you will add additional costs for that user. This limits your company’s ability to grow and scale.
  3. You can end up paying for and working around additional functionalities that you will never use. Out-of-the-box solutions come with modules that most companies have asked for. If you don’t need a unit, you still pay full price – and your staff will spend time consciously avoiding that set of functionalities.

Build (and pay for) the functionalities you really need with a custom ERP system. Base your new functionalities off your existing workflows to uncover automation needs. Once you invest in a system designed around your processes, you don’t have to worry about user licensing fees. Scale your company by adding more functionalities as your business evolves.


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