Bring Business Value With DevOps

Bring Business Value With DevOps

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DevOps refers to a practice that emphasizes collaboration and communication. In the software industry, both developers and operations professionals are expected to work along side each other during the automation and software creation process.

It isn’t just the engineers that need to collaborate. The operations team makes up the Ops of DevOps, and includes sales, marketing and management, each of which have their own responsibilities in the development process.

DevOps revolutionizes the collaboration between the development and operations teams at each stage of the software development lifecycle. It also highlights the importance of day-to-day operations in this service-oriented industry. Previously, development and operations were isolated. Now these teams are merged into one where the engineers work alongside the operations project managers throughout development.

Before DevOps, one online retailer wasted about 40 percent of their online server capacity because they were unable to estimate traffic demands. This inefficiency led to a significant loss in money that was spent on purchasing the server capacity. Once on a cloud service, engineers could scale capacity incrementally and with ease, which lessened capacity spending. This approach also reduced the number and duration of outages as well as increased its revenue.

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How does DevOps impact your partnership with a software development firm?

DevOps has the potential to radically change a company, which provides substantial benefits:

  1. Faster development. As an application of the Agile principles, DevOps results in a faster delivery time, which improves your ROI.
  2. Improves business agility. The mutual collaboration, communication and integration of teams encourages a dynamic and transparent decision-making process, which allows quick changes to be made when necessary.
  3. Creates a more stable and reliable operating environment. Each team knows who is doing what and when, eliminating confusion and uncertainty between teams that would otherwise be isolated from one another.
  4. Detects issues earlier on in the application development process. The constant communication allows the teams to find and correct problems throughout development, which keeps the project on track for a prompt delivery time.
  5. Improves in the overall customer experience. The goal of DevOps is to deliver a high-quality software in a shorter amount of time, which means the customer is at the center of all changes.
  6. Removes obstacles and streamlines processes that delay work. This innovation makes accelerating the production and delivery of software possible.


DevOps is a practical and valuable model. The principles of collaboration are applicable to almost any industry and ensures measurable benefits for companies and customers. This model provides real business value by opening lines of communication between the development team and the operations team throughout the lifecycle, and constantly delivering services that meet customer needs. DevOps’ standards have the potential to change the profitability of a company, making the process one to consider for any business.

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