types of development

types of development

Are you tired of using multiple off-the-shelf systems to automate your business process?

Take command of your processes and drive value for your business and for your team. Enjoy working with a system custom designed to support your existing workflows.

Our award-winning team of business architects and software developers walk through your current business processes to build a system that will serve your business needs. We figure out whether you need a custom workflow for business process automation or an end-to-end software product.

Learn more about the types of custom solutions we’ve built:

With the widespread use of devices comes a unique challenge: How can you make sure that your business stays connected and thrives with both customers and employees?

We develop mobile applications for iOS, android and windows phones. Our team uses industry-leading tools like Xamarin and Cordova to create native, cross-platform applications.

We understand that a key component to connected employees is providing them with tools and access to data no matter where they work. Our clients move to a mobile-friendly, web-based system to grow at a much faster rate while keeping their team connected where and when it counts.

The other group of people that matter to our clients is their customers. Your customer expects a website visit on their smart phone or tablet to look like the desktop experience and be easier to use. If your mobile website experience only frustrates and drives them away, it’s time for a change.  Investment in the mobile technology that customers are using will ensure company growth at a much faster rate.

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Is your productivity suffering because your data is not fully accessible?

We develop custom web applications that harness the power of the cloud and empower you to do business virtually anywhere. Our custom cloud based web applications are built to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your employees and satisfy your business needs.

When you read web applications, you may be thinking of generic storefronts or simple website development.

At alligatortek we take web development to a whole new level, building applications that drive business processes. We design and build easy-to-use, attractive, and powerful web tools to enable your staff to do their best work.  Our systems remove bottlenecks, streamline workflows, and provide your with powerful, data-enabled web tools.

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Do you have challenges running your business?

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system integrates your departments into one place. Allow your business to process orders quicker, move your product or service faster, invoice customers more efficiently, and more.

We design ERP solutions to improve upon the existing software systems that often fall short of expectations. Our proven process increases the return on your investment and reduces the cost spent on multiple business systems. We help your organization get the most from your technology investments regardless of where you are in the solution lifecycle.

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Does your team log into several different systems each day to perform their job responsibilities?

We integrate enterprise business email systems, Analytics tools, CRM, inventory and ERPs into one simplified application. Share and sync data automatically with external applications. Advanced analytics unlock data and provide leadership teams the insight to make key business decisions.

Dashboard Solutions

Pull your analytics to one place. We design dashboards and integrate it with different devices, applications, and systems. Build custom business intelligence dashboards from the ground up to support your growing organization. Pre-built widgets, predictive analytics and embedded analytics pull data from multiple sources in real time for advanced reporting. Our business architects translate your business needs to functions for our software architects.

Cross-Industry System Integrations

Stay on top of your business KPI’s by creating simple and attractive custom dashboards. When your organization is replacing an outdated system, consider what integrations you will need. An unplanned integration or migration might lead to data loss, a corrupted application, or collapsing the entire workflow. At alligatortek, a dedicated team of experts will analyze your existing processes and build custom integrations for the new system.

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Do your development team and operations team have competing priorities?

We connect your business (operational) challenges with your IT department to design, build, and release software quicker and with more confidence. Solve key development and operational issues, and manage unplanned occurrences more efficiently with DevOps.

Teams that work in siloes often have different priorities, goals, and are measured with different key performance indicated. Historically, operations and IT fell into this model. The DevOps movement was born out of a need to make small, incremental changes quickly. This methodology introduces “systems thinking” and breaks down the barriers between the two departments to achieve a business goal together.

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