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Whether it’s moving dozens of vehicles or a single luxury car, clients call Select 1 Group to transport vehicles across the country. Launched in 1997, S1G quickly established themselves as a premier vehicle logistics company providing innovative and cost-effective vehicle transportation.

Recently, S1G ran into an issue that many companies face. Key business processes were dependent on manual processes and outdated legacy systems. They needed a solution that would provide 24/7 management and monitoring of vehicles, from both the office and the field, all in one place.



For a business that has a lot of moving parts, S1G needed to have the ability to get information and manage it as efficiently as possible. When their client calls with a need, S1G needs to be able to get them information right away so they can complete the transaction on the spot, in real-time.

The process they had been using revolved around manual data entry into a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet consisted of a list of all the orders they had in flight and a small assortment of details around each order. Any time there was a need to update or change an order, there had to be a phone call or an email between those in the office and in the field. To check the status of a current order, a call would have to be made to the person in the field, but the office personnel did not have the bandwidth to be constantly calling to update order statuses. Email was the other option but drivers in the field were not going to pull over to respond to emails. The spreadsheet was the only source of truth and it wasn’t always accurate.



S1G needed a single platform that could consolidate and streamline the outdated and manual process they had in place. The solution came in the form of a web app and mobile app developed by alligatortek.

The web app lets the office know when they have received an order, when drivers have been dispatched, when vehicles have been picked up, and when the final deliver is made. It provides real time status updates and tracking without need for the manual data entry. The app is also linked to QuickBooks to allow for easy invoicing and collecting.

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The mobile app allows the employees, partners, and contractors out in the field to have access to all the information they need on their end. They have all the details about each order in the palm of their hands. They also have the ability to make notes of any damage to the car and scan the car’s VIN. Drivers now have everything they would need in one single application.

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The final piece of the puzzle was an app that helped the other side of S1G’s business. Mobile X Events is S1G’s event production and logistics service that had similar processes as the vehicle delivery side. alligatortek created MXE, a web app that lets them submit information about all the events on the schedule. The new app gives users the ability to see who is going to be at the event, check the status, and get other information related to each event. This app was also linked to QuickBooks for seamless integration with their invoicing process.

These apps helped eliminate the outdated legacy processes along with the all the hours every week that went into manually data entry. S1G office employees are now able to focus on more important tasks and employees out in the field have the tools they need to do their job more efficiently, decreasing the chance of errors and creating an easier hand-off and a happier customer.

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