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Leopardo Companies, Inc. is a leader in construction, design-build and commercial real estate development. For 40 years, Leopardo has been recognized by peers, clients and media for consistently performing at the very top of its industry. The company successfully builds 450 projects per year in multiple markets. Lepopardo’s attention to detail and pride in superior craftsmanship means sound economics and complete client satisfaction. 


In 2014, Leopardo’s leadership team and staff recognized its current timecard process was not working.

In the field, employee time was previously captured in an excel document and emailed to the corporate office. Employees at the office spent time re-entering the data manually into its accounting and project management system, Viewpoint. This process was cumbersome, errors like forgetting to input correct union rules were common, and sometimes these errors aren’t noticed until looking at job cost reports. It created a risk for human error and additional overhead costs for the organization.

A double data entry process created an overhead cost of $50,000 per year. Which meant that the cost of no action was $150,000 over the next three years.


The Leopardo leadership team researched other packaged solutions and found that these systems did not meet the company’s needs.

By 2014, Leopardo had a 6-year history of working with alligatortek on custom development projects and knew the benefits of building a proprietary system:

  • A quicker turnaround time
  • No perpetual licensing costs
  • Ownership of IP
  • A robust platform built with the company’s specific requirements in mind

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Leopardo decided that it made the most sense to go down the custom software route once again. They asked alligatortek to step in once again to design an custom iOS application that would be able to keep track of employee timecards and manage extra work authorization.

The new timecard application resulted in a 67% reduction of time spent weekly on double data entry which meant that the time spent on this process went from 4 man-days to 1.5 man-days per week.

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