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Our client (DOAN) is a nationwide provider of auto and property damage appraisal services for insurance companies. To better manage these services, they partnered with alligatortek to build a custom automated claims management system.

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When an automobile or piece of property is damaged and an insurance company needs an appraisal, the assignment was entered into a virtual portal and sent to the DOAN corporate office. The assignment was manually assigned to an appropriate DOAN franchise office location, who was notified by email.

Previously, the assignments arrived as a PDF file. Dispatchers re-entered information into their former web-based claims management system. Once the information was re-entered and the location of the appraisal was selected, the nearest appraiser was assigned to the job. Estimates for a finished appraisal were uploaded into the system and individually reviewed.

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Our client realized inefficiencies in their operational processes that limited their capacity to take on new business. Requests for assignments can now be submitted through the application or the company’s website, and claims will be automatically assigned to the most appropriate franchise office. Key information in the assignment will already be pre-loaded into the system. When the appraiser comes back with an estimate, the application will use an automated rules-based scrubber to narrow down which estimates need to be reviewed further, doubling the reviewer capacity of DOAN.

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DOAN needed a way to identify and review claims that required action and to apply actions in bulk. To streamline processing, we summarized the claims into a dashboard with key data showing whether or not an action is required. Filters narrow down claims for certain features or issues the company is looking to address, review, or modify. The accounting department can narrow down claims that require action and apply relevant accounting actions to a batch of claims at one time.

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