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Solution: Quoting And Estimate System

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This crane manufacturer is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of cranes and crane parts. Their products have been installed in over 50 countries, with over 84,000 products made.

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The company had developed a self-service quoting program that would allow its customers to generate their own quotes. The program provides customized pricing and features for each customer and gives busy company owners and supervisors the ability to get crane pricing on their own schedule. Since the program was developed in Microsoft Access it needed to be packaged up so that customers could run it on their machines even if they didn’t have Microsoft Access. They also wanted an option to disable the quoting program in case it got into the hands of their competition.

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The quoting program was packaged so that customers who did not have Microsoft Access on their computers could still use it. The simple installation process takes only a minute and requires a few clicks. Customers do not need to be very technical to install and use the program.
In addition, the quoting program was setup to lock up every 30 days. This requires the customer to call the crane manufacturer every 30 days in order to renew their subscription. This also prevents the competition from getting a hold of the program and using it for their customers. There is password protection setup for the pricing, so that only the crane manufacturer can update and view the master pricing lists.
Customers who do not have Microsoft Access installed on their computers can now use the quoting program. The program requires customers to periodically call the crane company, enabling them to maintain a relationship with the customer.

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