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Industry: Manufacturing/Distribution
Solution: Punchout Catalog And Order Processing System

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This book supplier is a leading supplier of children’s prebound library books to schools and libraries throughout the United States. They offer thousands of books from major publishers along with many small, independent presses. The company provides their customers with in person, one on one service along with the convenience of ordering products online.

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One of their customers is a school district that orders thousands of books every year. When it was time for the school district to place book orders, they would have to manually key in the ISBN number for each book one by one into their procurement system. Once the order was entered into the district’s procurement system, they would have to place the order with the book supplier. This duplication of effort became very time consuming and strenuous on the school district staff.

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Punchout was implemented by the book supplier so that the school district could place orders more efficiently. The school district now goes into their procurement system and directly references the book supplier’s online book catalogue. Books are easily selected from the catalogue and added to the purchase order. Punchout also enables the school district to have access to their current book catalogue.
Once the order is completed, the books are automatically added and the purchase order is set. The order information is then automatically sent to the book supplier. When the school district approves the purchase order, an electronic notification is sent to the book supplier.
Punchout saves both parties time and accuracy. This investment by the book supplier proves to the school district that they strive for and deliver customer service. In addition, the company is now able to do business with organizations that require integrated computer systems with their vendors.

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