On Call Development Services – A Condominium Association Management Company

Industry: Staffing; Business Services
Solution: On Call Development Services
Technologies: Microsoft Access
Solution Type: Technical Support

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The condominium management company based out of Ohio has been in business since 1985. They provide services such as board meeting services, information security, money collection, accounting, maintenance, and an array of administrative services.

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The company uses an Access database to manage all the data for their business. Information about associations, property-unit owners, phone call logs, work orders, receivables and contractors are all managed in the database. The President of the company is in charge of managing and maintaining the database. While being able to make simple changes with Microsoft Access, he needs more technical assistance to make the frequent complex modifications. Professional help was needed to keep the database, and consequently the company, running efficiently.

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alligatortek and a database professional was able to take care of all the changes the President needed. Adjustments that the President worked tirelessly to make over several days, were accomplished by our database professional in less than an hour.
To effectively support the client, alligatortek staff can remotely connect to any company computer, enabling us to make database changes at any time.
The support and updates to the database have made it a comprehensive and powerful solution for managing associations. Because of this the company has begun to market and sell the software to other association management companies.

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