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MAT is a family-owned and operated trucking company located near Chicago, Illinois. With over 34 years of experience, the company partners with 25 of the Top 100 U.S. Importers and specializes in multi-modal transportation services, international supply chain trucking and warehousing. MAT’s four core services areas include Container and Intermodal Drayage, Dedicated Contract Carriage, Line Haul (Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland and Columbus) and CFS Warehouse Services for Air and Ocean Breakbulk. MAT’s mission is to maintain a balance of corporate experience, capacity and technology to assist with its customers’ diverse supply chain needs.

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MAT’s Warehouse Services for Air and Ocean Breakbulk involves receiving and shipping packages that come to the US via international flights. MAT tracks each shipment to ensure the package clears customs, arrives at MAT’s facilities and is divided for delivery – all within 12 hours of the plane’s arrival at the airport. This process must be strategically planned and efficient. MAT’s dispatch team must allocate enough time to pick up the package from the airport, break it into individual shipments, and ship these out.

The dispatch team manually entered information like shipping details and customs clearance into one master database. Its team members were working very hard to ensure its customers’ delivery expectations were met, and MAT’s leadership wanted to streamline this process for its employees.

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With alligatortek’s custom built system, MAT had real-time flight arrival information on hand for its dispatchers. When flight details are entered, an alert dispatches a driver to pick up the shipment.

The system automatically calculates the freight availability time for different airlines, allowing employees to monitor customs clearance information and track dispatch drivers. The drivers are also able to view a package’s estimated processing time at the airport, a feature that estimates how long it will take to unload the plane’s cargo and helps drivers prioritize their package pickup. MAT’s new system saved a significant amount of time for employees. With this system, MAT is able to meet its Total Quality Report’s goal of 90 percent.

alligatortek also introduced a storage allowance system. After packages are received and customers are notified of their arrival, customers must arrange for its shipments to be sent out within 7 days. MAT can now easily track and automatically charge customers that go beyond the 7-day limit.

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