Integrated Product Database – A Large Book Manufacturer

Industry: Manufacturing/Distribution
Solution: Integrated Product Database
Technologies: ASP.NET, SQL Server
Solution Type: Website

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The company based in Beecher, Illinois has been in business for over 30 years and is one of the fastest growing book distributors in the country. They are a full-service resource for customers. The company offers thousands of books from major publishers and many small, independent presses. The company provides their customers with one-on-one service along with the convenience of ordering products online.

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Too much paper
When the sales staff visited their customers, they used a paper catalog to browse for books. Searching for books in a paper catalog became time consuming and very difficult for new employees to memorize. Sometimes, a sales member missed opportunities to provide their customers with the books they needed because they couldn’t find them in the catalog. The company needed to give the sales staff a system to allow them to quickly search for books while visiting their customers. The system also needed to give sales staff the ability to enter customer orders and print them out.

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E-Commerce Website and Order Tracking
The Salesman database provides sales staff with a simple method to search the complete book catalog through a number of different search options. The system enables the sales person to quickly give their customers a selection of books that matches their needs, and add books to the orders instantly. After the customers have completed their selections, these orders can be printed out. Now, sales staff can quickly find and compile a list of books that the customers need to order. As a result, the program allows the sales staff to be more efficient, leading to increased customer satisfaction and sales.

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