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Solution: Inspection Entry System

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The company is the leading authority on hotel, restaurant and spa star ratings in the US, Canada, Hong Kong/Macau and Beijing, China. The company also provides hotels, restaurants, and spas with incognito service inspections and executive training. The Chicago based company has been in business for over 50 years.

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The company provides their inspectors with the Inspection Entry system to enter information gathered during inspections of hotels, restaurants, and spas. Every year the company updates their questions to go over during an inspection. The staff members who updated the questions in previous years were not working at the company anymore. Professional assistance was needed to get the updated questions implemented in a timely manner.

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The Inspection Entry system was updated with the inspection questions for 2010. The website where completed inspections are sent was then updated to handle the new inspection questions.
Updated Inspection Entry System
The questions for 2009 were extracted out of the Inspection Entry system’s database into an Excel file. The company took the Excel file and updated the standards. The Excel file with the updated questions was then given back to alligatortek to be put into the Inspection Entry system.
Updated Inspection Website With New Questions
Once an inspection is done it is sent to their website, where all inspections are stored and provided to their clients. While working on inspections with new questions in their website, it was found that not all the inspection questions were working correctly. alligatortek figured out and remedied multiple issues causing the problems. Their clients could now see all the questions for their inspections.

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