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Industry: Healthcare
Solution: Healthcare Database
Technologies: SQL Server, Microsoft Access
Solution Type: Custom Database Application

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The community wellness center has been providing healthcare to people in need for over 25 years. They are a not-for-profit community health center network whose mission is to improve health outcomes for the medically underserved community through the provision of high quality, affordable, and accessible primary healthcare and support services. Their medical centers serve the needs of men, women, and children, while specializing in maternal and child health services.

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The organization was using a Microsoft Access database to track their maternal healthcare patients. The database had evolved over time and was in need of re-organization. Tracking patients had become very time consuming and inefficient. The design of the database no longer met the organization’s needs and the system was not accessible to all of the organization’s sites. A new system was needed to solve these issues and to expand the system’s functionality and accessibility.

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The alligatortek team developed a new system utilizing an Access Data Project which relies on Microsoft Access for entering and reporting information and SQL Server 2005 to store the data. This platform enabled the development of a system that was cost effective while using the power and scalability of a SQL Server database.
With the exception of additional fields, most of the same information that was captured in the original system was needed in the new system. A major issue with the original system was that the data tables were only able to track one child per mother. Tracking mothers with multiple children became inefficient and made reporting difficult. The new system featured updated tables and new fields that allowed the tracking of multiple children per mother.
In addition, all staff and locations can now have access to the system. The use of SQL Server 2005 along with an internet connection enables all locations and staff access to a central system and all patient medical records.

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