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Feeding America partners with alligatortek for development
Feeding America is a Chicago, IL-based non-profit organization focusing on domestic hunger relief. Their mission is to end hunger in America through a network of member food banks and community engagement. The organization emphasizes nutrition, and has recently initiated a fresh produce program.

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The process of getting fresh produce to those who need itstarts with the donor alerting a central agency that a donationis available – this is called an offer. The central agency thenidentifies which offers to forward on to a bidding system,where potential food banks can bid on the available offers. The existing offer and offer-vetting process was highly manual, withdelays of up to a week in getting information uploaded intothe bidding system.

The existing process used multiple spreadsheets , leaving room for potential errors.The use of spread sheets also increased the amount of time needed to do simple tasks like verifying a warehouse location. The team also wanted to add detailed record-keeping or reporting.

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alligatortek developed a custom web portal to allow donors to submit offers and review their offer history. The portal allows the organization’s staff to review offers and quickly decide which offers to forward on for bids. Real-time reporting provides immediate feedback on donation targets for the week, month and year.

Feeding America portal

Import into the bidding system is done with a click of a button. By reducing the amount of time from donation to bidding, this non-profit is able to take better advantage of highly perishable fresh produce donations.

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