E-commerce Website – A Large Book Distributor

Industry: Manufacturing/Distribution
Solution: E-commerce Website
Technologies: Microsoft Access
Solution Type: Website

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The large book distributor is based in Beecher, Illinois has been in business for over 30 years and is one of the fastest growing book distributors in the country. They are a full-service resource for their customers. The company offers thousands of books from major publishers and many small, independent presses. They provide their customers with personalized, one-on-one service along with the convenience of ordering products online.

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Disorganized & Inefficient Operations
Homegrown systems were being used to enter and process orders, manage books offered, and track customers. Day-to-day operations were becoming inefficient and unorganized. A re-organization of the systems used for operations was needed. The company also wanted to build an e-commerce website to generate additional business and allow existing and new customers to place orders online.

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E-Commerce Website and Order Tracking
A new E-commerce website was designed to give the company a presence on the web. The website provides new and existing customers a central access point to the company. Products and services such as binding services, cataloging services, and consulting services are showcased.
Visitors can establish an account online and shop for books. The complete list of books is provided for customers to search on and offers a variety of search options. In addition, customers can compile a list of titles, receive an automated calculation of the total cost of their list, and at the end of their shopping experience, purchase the titles in their list.
In addition, an internal Order-Tracking system was developed using Microsoft Access. The customized system, featuring a centralized database, was designed to enter and process customer orders. This solution keeps orders organized and processing time down to a minimum. The system is used to maintain a master list of customers along with customer billing and shipping information.

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