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Industry: Transportation & Logistics
Solution: Data Imports
Technologies: VB.Net, SQL Server
Solution Type: Custom Database Application; Business Process Management; Database Services

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The company is a leading provider of packaging and unitizing with its value-added packaging solutions. Its comprehensive in-house research and engineering capabilities support and enhance its manufacturing, supply and installation arms. The Woodridge, Illinois, office of this international packaging firm is one of three regional offices in the U.S.

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The company was faced with a tax rate import application that could not be used due to poor performance when importing large amounts of data. The impact of this issue on tax compliance needed to be addressed. The company hired alligatortek to streamline and correct their tax rate import operation.

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The company is now able to use its tax rate import application successfully even when importing sizable data files. Large amounts of data are no longer making the regional office’s tax rate import application a problem area. Company staff members are now happier and more productive.
Data Import
Experts at alligatortek were able to resolve issues in the VB code and get the scaled-up functionality online. Following alligatortek’s recommendation, the company authorized alligatortek to design out the Access database step. This allowed alligatortek to enhance the VB.Net component of the import process to do the whole job. This approach reduced the average import time from several hours to only a few minutes.
When receiving tax rate files from third parties, the size of the import file is no longer a concern. The company now easily converts any file to the required format. alligatortek designed a quick, reliable path to the production environment. The VB application now pulls imports directly into the SQL Server database and reports any invalid or missing data for remedial attention. The reporting capability assures that the integrity of the production environment can be constantly maintained.

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