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This company has been in business for 30 years, specializing in breakbulk air freight pick-up and delivery. They collect airfreight from the airport and break it into smaller shipments. These shipments are routed to various locations where the freight is stored until pickup or delivery is complete.

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The company had disconnected systems and utilized manual processing, dispatching, and deadline notification efforts. The company was using outdated software for some functions within the business.

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alligatortek implemented a custom and automated end-to-end application to track airfreight statuses, pick-up and delivery processes, and automated notifications, in order provide a high level of efficiency for the operation.
There are many features which showcase the application’s diverse range of functionality. The system automatically calculates estimated freight availability time based upon specific airline parameters. Then, a dispatch effectively assigns drivers to retrieve freight based on availability and location as indicated within the automated tracking system. Drivers may be assigned to more than one freight pickup based on time and location, making the most efficient use of resources.
A warning system tracks time deadlines for processing freights with alerts providing multiple levels of time deadline notifications. The alerts keeps drivers informed and processing on target.
Detailed screens are available to record and track freight variances, for instance damaged goods or other concerns are captured and loaded into the Document Imaging System for accurate viewing and record keeping.
The Automated Manifest System (AMS) electronically notifies the customer after all process steps have been completed and the freight is ready for pickup/delivery. Customer charges are calculated automatically based on several factors including freight weight, storage time and other variables.

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