Copier Services Management System – A University in Chicago

Industry: Education
Solution: Copier Services Management System
Technologies: Microsoft Access
Solution Type: Custom Database Application

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The Chicago-based university is one of the nation’s largest 10 private universities where the priority is on teaching and students. They pride themselves in being nationally respected while being personally focused. The university is a recognized leader in academic excellence. Approximately 30 percent of their incoming freshmen are first generation college students while approximately 88 percent of their faculty members hold a PhD or the highest degree in their field. The university was founded in 1898 and currently has over 23,000 students enrolled.

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The university’s Copier Services Department was using a previously developed database to manage their fleet of copy machines. The database was out of date and could not continue to meet the department’s needs. New information needed to be tracked along with report updates.

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The alligatortek team enhanced their current system so that the Copier Services Department could manage their copier fleet more efficiently and effectively. One major enhancement was the capturing of additional copier information. New information such as copier supply information, monthly volume of usage, maintenance log, and supply request logs are now being captured. The database was updated to automatically notify staff when copiers have excessive downtime and may need to be replaced. This information helps the department’s staff to monitor and project copier supplies and expenses; which in turn will save the university operating costs. The Microsoft Access application enabled the organization to better manage their copy machines and more closely monitor repairs.
Several reports were updated to assist the department in managing their day to day operations. Two new reports were also developed which assist the organization in monitoring service calls and supplies used.

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