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Industry: Non-Profits, Associations and Organizations
Solution: Conference Registration Website
Technologies: ASP.NET, SQL Server
Solution Type: Website

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The organization is a worldwide evangelical organization that has been in service since 1961. The organization is an international evangelical student organization with emphasis on a world mission. They have chapters in over 75 countries. Every four years they host a four day International Summer Bible Conference (ISBC) which draws over 3,000 people.

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The organization had an upcoming conference and required a state-of-the-art registration system to handle over 3,000 attendees. In previous conferences, the registration process was administered using an in-house system which lacked functionality. This resulted in constant effort-intensive workarounds by the conference staff. After past conference experiences, the staff decided they needed a secure registration method for online data entry and data management. The system needed to be flexible so that after the Summer Bible Conference, it could be utilized for a variety of other hosted events.

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The customized registration system provides the organization with the following functionality: single person registrations, group registration, online payments, conference housing selections, attendee travel information, generate study groups, nametag generation with bar code scanning, and reporting. The website provides the ability for conference participants to register online. The website provides an intuitive and simple design allowing users of all ages to register for the conference. It enables attendees to register online individually or as a group. Previously organization staff spent countless hours in manually administering registrations.
Conference Registration Functionality
The newly designed system features a registration module allowing people to sign up for the conference. Attendees can manage all of their information on the website. The group registration functionality enables attendees to invite and pay for several members at once. After registering, attendees select their housing through an intuitive graphical interface. While selecting housing, attendees are provided with information such as which rooms are available and which rooms various members from their region are occupying. Attendees can select which attendees they would like to participate in group events with. They can also enter their travel information to and from the conference which provides the staff information to assist attendees in planning their travel plans.
Administering Registrations
The administrative module features enhanced functionality to assist the staff in coordinating the conference. The administrative module has various security options available so that the staff can only view information they are authorized to see. The website contains functionality that saves time by automatically assigning study groups according to region, age, and education. Administrators also have the ability to send out mass emails to attendees according to their demographics. Nametags with bar codes are also generated from the system so that during the conference, they can be scanned to quickly check attendees into the conference.
The end result is that the organization received a customized registration system that will suit their needs for the present conference and will be flexible for reuse in future events.

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