Companywide Operating System – A Commercial Services Firm

Industry: Business Services (B2B)
Solution: Companywide Operating System
Technologies: Titanium, ASP.NET, SQL Server
Solution Type: Mobile & Web Application

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Our client, FMS began as a commercial snow removal service in 2003 and has since expanded to become a leading commercial facility maintenance service firm in the Midwest. The rapidly growing company provides a variety of reliable property management services including landscaping, lot sweeping, power washing, and snow removal.

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FMS outgrew their previous Visual Control Room software and needed a consistent platform for workflow management and operations for all departments. The former process involved submitting daily work orders, whether or not there was a need for service, and calling individual contractors out for service. The tedious manner of adding work orders each day made it difficult for the company as they sorted through unnecessary information. FMS wanted to increase functionality to support reporting and tracking customer information and issues.

Instead of conforming to out-of-the-box software, FMS wanted to create a system that could meet the needs of all of their departments and increase their revenue. They recognized the inefficiency of unnecessary work orders being submitted on a daily basis and wanted to build a platform to productively manage their 200-plus contractors. The team also noticed an opportunity to improve customer service and improve customer insight and visibility.

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Our web and mobile application provides real-time interactive mapping capabilities, operational dashboards, and a complete workflow management system.

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To accommodate the company’s growing team, a central place in the system was created to enter and look up customer order details. Our solution also helps to keep the entire staff in the loop through a priority cue on the main screen, allowing our client to address time-sensitive work orders in order of their customer’s deadlines.

The work order process now only generates work orders after a service was completed. Our client has the ability to see where their contractors are working in real time and where they are heading to next. Through the application, thecontractor can send pictures and reports to our client’s office after a job is completed or notify the customer of any issues. The application also allows contractors to view and manage all upcoming jobs, making it easier for them to do their jobs and allowing our client to attract better contractors.

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