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Our client (CRD) manufactures custom-blended specialty chemicals for general industry, coil, plating, and wastewater treatment facilities. Each product undergoes constant testing and analysis to ensure it is environmentally safe and of the highest quality.

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When a customer called in, the work order department manually wrote the order out and place it in a bin. Every few hours, someone from the inventory warehouse would walk over to the office to get the orders. If the items were available, CRD fulfilled the order. If the ingredients to make the item were available, CRD needed to add time to the order for processing and preparing the order. If the ingredients were not available at the warehouse, the work order department needed to call the client back and process this as a direct shipment from their vendors.

CRD needed to streamline customer order and fulfillment. Their paper-driven process consisted of multiple discussions between the work order desk, purchasing, and the warehouse staff. Customer-facing staff members were not presented with adequate data to serve CRD clientele.

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Warehouse personnel were constantly in motion as they gathered chemicals to prepare products for client orders. The new application, available on tablets and other mobile devices, allowed staff members to move freely throughout the building with the tools they needed to succeed.

An electronic order processing system was created to provide warehouse visibility to the customer-facing staff. The system identifies whether an order can be fulfilled in-house. Orders that must be processed by CRD’s vendors can be sent directly to the purchasing department. By giving each department the appropriate tools, CRD eliminated the need for interdepartmental discussions.

Products were labeled with detachable papers, leaving room for chemicals to be mislabeled. Product label barcode printing functionalities were added through mobile devices to allow employees to efficiently identify client orders.

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