Restructured Architecture – A Concrete Pumping Company

Industry: Construction
Solution: Restructured Architecture
Technologies: Microsoft Access
Solution Type: Technical Support; Database Architecture Services

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The concrete pumping company is a Chicago based company that has been in business since 1995. They are a full service provider of concrete pumping services for the construction industry with a revenue of approximately $1 million. The company has the longest reaching concrete pump in the Chicagoland area.

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The company has an Access database that is used to manage their customers. For reasons unknown to the company their database was being corrupted once a month. Every time the database became corrupted they would have to revert to an old copy of the database, and thus they were losing critical customer information. It was imperative to fix the Access database so that it would not continue to get corrupted.

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Restructured Architecture and Automated Cleanup
The database was originally setup to work in a single user environment. The company had multiple people connecting to and using the database. The architecture of the database was updated to work in a multi-user environment. Since the database was being accessed by multiple users it was causing the database size to grow because Access accumulates temporary data for each user. A nightly automated job was setup to re-organize the database. The process cleans up all the temporary data and shrinks the database size. Several years have passed since alligatortek set up the architecture and automated job, and the database has not once been corrupted. The company can now continue to operate without losing critical customer data.

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