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This leading Chicago-based litigation company has a prominent record of important legal victories on behalf of some of the country’s largest public and private companies. The Legal Bill Review and Legal Fee Auditing  Group is one in a handful of law firms in the country specialized in auditing defense costs and attorney legal  fees by assessing the reasonableness of attorney fees from a legal perspective.

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The team had a Microsoft Access database that was used to analyze legal fees. The Access system lacked in  functionality, versatility, and ease-of-use. In particular, the users experienced considerable performance and  functionality problems while using the system.

The database would often stall and/or crash because of the massive amounts of data analysis needed each day.  Working with this system was not ideal since it was inefficient for day-to-day operations and added stress to  users.

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After documenting their needs and business process, the alligatortek team developed the system using the  latest technologies. SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) was used to enable the rapid transferring of mass  quantities of data in and out of the SQL Server database. Users are able to quickly import large amounts of raw invoicing data and export large amounts of billing data for data cubes.

Another essential feature of the system is its high performance. Several users are able to concurrently access  and manipulate hundreds of thousands of records. This enables the company to handle any case size and be able to deliver results quickly. The internal web based system is highly customized to fit the requirements  needs of the audit group, and provides a specialized and expeditious means to discover legal overcharges in a  high volume of invoices.

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