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Industry: Legal & Litigation
Solution: Data Analysis Database
Technologies: SQL Server
Solution Type: Web Application; Custom Database Application

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This Litigation and legal services company is a leading Chicago-based litigation with a prominent record of important legal victories on behalf of some of the country’s largest public and private companies. The Legal Bill Review and Legal Fee Auditing Group reviews legal fee bills by assessing the reasonableness of attorney fees from a legal perspective. The company is one in a handful of law firms in the country specialized in auditing defense costs and attorney legal fees.

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The law firm was hired by a plaintiff to investigate how medical prescription claims from a major health insurance provider were being handled. The firm was provided with the data and high level database diagrams from the insurance carrier’s database. The firm’s job was to take the information provided, analyze millions of records, and find evidence to support their client’s claims against the health insurance provider.
Since the health care provider was being investigated by the firm, they wanted to make it as difficult as possible to review their prescription claims data. The data and high level database diagrams provided were not really sufficient to assemble the data provided into a relational database. To compound the difficulty of the situation, the judge presiding over the case gave the firm a short time frame to deliver adequate evidence against the client. Knowing the situation of having to turn insufficient information in a short period of time into solid evidence, the firm contacted alligatortek for professional assistance.

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The information provided was assembled into a relational database. A web based interface was then developed for efficiently analyzing millions of data records. The database solution was built and delivered in a short period of time. This enabled the firm to beat the odds and quickly gather crucial evidence in the short time frame given.
Building the Database
The alligatortek team had a high level diagram of 19 database tables and 19 text files to build a system on. To get started the information provided was thoroughly analyzed so that the data was understood and could be organized into a database.
The text files were then imported into a SQL Server database. Primary keys and relationships were set in the database’s 19 tables using the information gathered during analysis.
Building the System
Once the database was setup alligatortek went to work developing a web based interface so the firm could review the millions of rows of prescription claim data. Screens were setup so the firm could quickly search on and dig through the millions of claim records.
After the firm received the system and did their initial data analysis, they requested additional functionality to help them quickly reach their final goal. Functionality was developed to enable the firm to easily search through 100,000 records to analyze data that was suspect to be key evidence. This new functionality enabled the firm to meet their bottom line goal and provide exceptional service to their client.
Speed of Delivery
Because of the urgency of the situation, the solution was fast tracked and delivered in a short period of time.

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