Client Management System – Social Welfare Association

Industry: Non-Profits, Associations and Organizations
Solution: Client Management System
Technologies: Microsoft Access
Solution Type: Custom Database Application

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The social welfare association was formed over 100 years ago. The organization serves over 60,000 people at over 50 sites. The social welfare association improves social conditions for underserved people by providing creative, innovative programs and working for public policy reforms.

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The association was growing and required a system to more efficiently manage their clients. Their current method of managing clients was very time consuming and didn’t capture all of the necessary information. A new electronic system was needed to enable the association to efficiently capture additional information about their clients.

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The Microsoft Access application enabled the association to efficiently and effectively track their clients. The association is able to easily provide the figures needed to apply for grants and other funding sources.
The Client Management System was developed using Microsoft Access. It provided the association with an efficient means to capture the necessary client information. Data such as gender, age, demographics, education levels, needs assessment, abuse history, and legal history is captured.
The system provides several reports which assist management to make better decisions. For example, the Staff Report provides summary and detail level figures on staff productivity. Other reports provide summarized figures on the types of demographics which the association serves.
Additional Reporting Developed
The association contacted alligatortek a few years after the initial system was delivered. New funding was now available to the association. However, in order to get the additional funding, more information about the clientele served was needed. As a result, the association needed additional information captured so that enhanced reports could be produced to assist in the funding application process. The system now provides reporting on clientele grouped in various ways. This enhanced reporting now provides the funding sources with all the information they require to allocate future grants.

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