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Industry: Manufacturing
Solution: Centralized System
Technologies: SQL Server, Microsoft Access, VB.Net
Solution Type: Systems Integration

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Creative Werks was founded in 1999 and is located in Bensenville, IL. With over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing and sanitary rooms, it is uniquely able to provide world class packaging design, manufacturing, and co-packing services. Creative Werks offers its expertise to client operations professionals in manufacturing, co-packing, quality assurance protocols, and safety standards, while providing extensive knowledge of retailers and consumers to their client’s brand-marketing teams.

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The company was using multiple Access databases to manage and create shipping and packaging labels. It needed to replace its outdated dot matrix printers by purchasing state-of-the-art printers. The Access databases were critical to their operations but difficult to manage since each employee required his or her own copy of the master database. Additionally, the master Access database was not dynamically linked to the ERP inventory database.

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alligatortek developed a system specifically designed with a GUI front-end very similar to the Access databases previously used by employees. The new system was readily accepted by the company’s employees since the two systems were very similar. Employees were able to use the new system immediately with minimal re-training.
The company required that alligatortek integrate the database with its ERP inventory database in order to eliminate duplicative data entry. In order to meet this requirement, alligatortek implemented a robust SQL Server 2008 database linked to the production ERP. The system provides the power and scalability of SQL Server working in conjunction with a flexible and user friendly VB.Net front end implementation.
The system was designed with a shared user environment that allows each user to manage their own work while sharing a central repository of online, real-time inventory items. The software was successfully deployed on Windows 7 subsequent to initial delivery.

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