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The American Hospital Association (AHA) serves hospitals and healthcare networks nationwide as an  organization of almost 5,000 hospitals, healthcare systems, networks, and other providers of care.  Additionally, the organization serves 37,000 individual members who are also committed to quality patient  care and healthy communities. AHA strives to represent members’ perspectives and needs nationally in  legislative and regulatory debates as well as in judicial matters through advocacy efforts impacting all branches of government.

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The organization was using Microsoft Excel to track various kinds of information about actions taken by healthcare organizations. A large amount of information had been collected over time and was in need of centralized organization to improve retrieval of pertinent information. Finding the information when needed  had become very time-consuming and inefficient.

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The alligatortek team developed a new database using Microsoft Access for entering, storing, and reporting information. This platform enabled the development of a system that was cost-effective and met the AHA’s  needs. We imported the basic information about organizations and contacts as the core elements to be stored  in the new repository. The database structure was designed to facilitate capture of such dimensions as chronic  care management, community connections, and promotion of healthy behaviors and to track efficient,  affordable care options in detail.

Directly addressing the primary business requirements entailed implementation of an extensive search  capability to look up best-practice records previously stored in the database. Sharing information and  promoting best practices are well served by the ability to search by keyword as well as at two category levels,  optionally filtering the search by organization and location. The use of Microsoft Access provided an intuitive  user interface familiar to most pc users.

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