Case Management System – A Labor Union

Industry: Non-Profits, Associations and Organizations
Solution: Case Management System
Technologies: Microsoft Access
Solution Type: Custom Database Application

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The labor union represents its members’ workplace interests in the airline industry across North America. The labor union was formed over 100 years ago. They serve over 21,000 people internationally.

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The labor union has accumulated documents from thousands of cases involving their members. A system for managing the case documents was never established. Whenever a new document came in, it was converted to a PDF document and simply added to a folder on a staff member’s PC. When a document was needed, it was very time consuming for the staff member to search for and find the document. The organization needed a database to manage their case documents.

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The alligatortek team developed the Client Management System using Microsoft Access 2000. It provided the labor union with an efficient means to manage and search for case documents. Users can now search for documents by a variety of criteria like case name, start date, end date, decision, airport, department, grievant name, arbitrator, union rep, and cause of grievance. Providing users with this search functionality allows them to find documents in seconds, even if they know little information about the case. The documents are all stored in a folder inside the database, providing a central location to manage all case documents.
Secure Yet Easy To Maintain
The system was designed so that the confidential information was only available to individuals who were given the system. Setting up the system on a new laptop or PC takes a minute, enabling staff members to manage their system without needing outside assistance.
The Microsoft Access 2000 application enables the labor union to use a standardized method to efficiently and effectively manage documents from cases involving their members. The labor union’s staff members are now able to quickly find case documents. The system can be given to union officials so they can access case documents themselves, saving the staff time and work.

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