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Industry: E-commerce, Distribution
Solution: Barcode Checkout System
Technologies: SQL Server
Solution Type: Recovery Services; Security Enhancement; Technical Support

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This information research firm offers custom knowledge services to help answer specific business, science and/or technology questions in the form of summarized reports. Their primary focus is to locate and make sense of the intelligence buried deep in large commercial databases, web sites, online scientific libraries, patent data, SEC and other government filings, market research reports and various sources of public information. Their clients range from Fortune 500 companies to individual consultants, laboratory scientists, market researchers and attorneys. This information research firm is an Evanston, Illinois based leader in open source research on scientific, business and technology subjects for customers worldwide.

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The company’s current system to track their customers and work orders featured data access pages that connected to a shared Microsoft Access back-end database. The system lacked in functionality, versatility and in ease-of-use. In addition, the response time their remote users were experiencing was unacceptable. The company also required enhancements to track billing calculation details. It was important that they maintain the querying and reporting functionality they had come to rely upon within Microsoft Access and that the system be internet based so that their staff could access the information quickly from anywhere at anytime.

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Work Order Management System
The web-based solution created by alligatortek enables the information research staff to easily connect and manage their customers, costs and work orders via the World Wide Web. Microsoft Active Server Pages on the .NET platform was used to design the new web browser-based application. Additional cost options and customized pricing was added in addition to capturing work order percent complete details. This additional information now allows management to monitor work orders more efficiently and produce billing quickly and accurately. In addition, remote staff members can now quickly connect to the database to perform their jobs just by using the web. The web based Work Order Management System provides the company with an efficient method to manage customers, work orders and billing details.

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