Barcode Checkout System – A Multi-Business Corporation

Industry: E-commerce, Distribution
Solution: Barcode Checkout System
Technologies: SQL Server
Solution Type: Recovery Services; Security Enhancement; Technical Support

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The multi business corporation operates three E-commerce websites selling a variety of goods and services. Their businesses include antique sales and appraisals, picture printing and framing, art gallery, and consignment of antiques, art, and photography. The multi business corporation is a parent company to three E-commerce businesses and has been in operation since 2004.

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One of the company’s websites had been attacked by a hacker and malicious content was injected into the website. When visitors would go to particular pages on the site, malicious content would run and infect their computer with a virus. Google notified the company that it was critical that the malicious content be removed; otherwise the site would be taken off of Google’s search engine. The website needed to be scrubbed clean of all malicious content so that visitors could come to the site and purchase products virus free. It was also critical that the site remained on Google’s search engine so that the business could continue to grow.

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The website’s database had malicious content from a hacker attack removed so the website could continue doing business and remain on Google’s search engine.
After the alligatortek team completed their research, it was discovered that the hacker inserted malicious content into the SQL Server database. The alligatortek team obtained a copy of the database and developed a method to remove the malicious content. All malicious content was removed and the business could once again continue to generate revenue from its website. It was also able to remain on Google’s search engine since it was now virus free.

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