Access Database Revamp – Temporary Specialized Labor Company

Industry: Staffing; Business Services
Solution: Access Database Revamp
Technologies: Microsoft Access
Solution Type: Database Recovery Services

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The company based out of the north side of Chicago has been in business since 1997. The temporary specialized labor company provides supervisors, servers, bartenders, and culinary staff for corporate and social catered events, private parties, and trade shows.

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The company uses an Access database to manage their most critical data which is clients, jobs, invoicing, and team members for hire. The database is at the heart of their operations and used by most company staff.
There were 2 separate incidents where the database became corrupted:
Corruption Incident #1
Database users were unable to access screens and reports that had information related to jobs.
Corruption Incident #2
Database users were unable to use any database functionality. They were completely locked out of the system and its data.

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Corruption Incident #1
After investigating the issue it was found that data in one of the data tables that holds job information was corrupt. Experienced Microsoft Access programmers from Alligatortek found the issue and cleared up the corrupt data. The business was back up and running in a short period of time.
Corruption Incident #2
After investigating a second corruption issue it was found that a few months of job data had been corrupted. alligatortek sorted out and cleaned the corrupt data. Once the corrupt data was cleaned out several of the screens and reports had to be rebuilt because of corruption issues.
Speed and Efficiency
Both times their database became corrupted it was in the middle of their busy season. Alligatortek responded to both the corruption issues immediately and resolved the problems in as short of a time frame as possible.

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