Access Database Conversion – ITT Industries

Industry: Manufacturing
Solution: Access Database Conversion
Technologies: Microsoft Access
Solution Type: Database Migration Services

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ITT Industries based out of White Plains, New York is ranked #285 among Fortune 500 companies. They specialize in high-technology engineering and manufacturing and operate in 55 countries. ITT Industries Corporation is a high-technology engineering and manufacturing organization. The organization provides products and services for fluid technology, defense electronics and services, along with motion and flow control. The company is currently operating in 55 countries.

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ITT was using an Access 97 database for tracking customer orders, which is no longer supported by Microsoft if any technical issues arise. The ITT office relied heavily on this database and operating it on an unsupported platform provided them with no backup plan if it were to incur technical issues.

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The alligatortek team converted the database to the Microsoft Access 2003 platform. Every screen, report, data table, and line of programming code was analyzed, updated, and tested. While converting the system, dozens of screens, reports, and hundreds of lines of programming code were analyzed and updated. alligatortek executed and delivered the solution on time and on budget, which enabled the company to continue to perform daily operations in an efficient and automated manner. The investment by ITT ensures that their order tracking database will be supported by Microsoft through 2014.

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