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Industry: Legal & Litigation
Solution: Client Management System
Technologies: Microsoft Access
Solution Type: Custom Database Application

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ILF is a leading Chicago-based law firm that practices in a multitude of areas, including business law,  government relations and litigation. The firm provides services for insurance coverage and bad faith litigation,  labor and employment counseling, legal fee disputes, audit matters and a broad range of commercial litigation  matters. ILF has more than 650 attorneys in 24 cities across two continents that serves a client list of Fortune  500 companies, startups, middle-market firms and high-profile individuals.

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ILF was seeking to build additional functionalities, such as keyword search capabilities and an expense report calculator, onto their pre-existing Records Management Database. The database needed to be updated to track client information, case research, complaints and logged hours for all case records. Their current database  lacked the capability, versatility and ease-of-use employees expected from a records management system.

These new developments had to access all information pertaining to each case like money spent, resources  used and claims made, while also providing an intuitive case records search function. This means employees  needed a contemporary application that made it easy to effectively managed client records already in storage.

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alligatortek provided an application where data resided within Microsoft Access on the preexisting Windows 2003 Server-based network, in place with workstations running Windows XP or better. Focused on practicality and efficiency, alligatortek created a database system that allowed employees to customize client pages  themselves. The system itself was split into two modules, one for expenses and another for client cases. Both  databases permitted users to search either modules, and within a few seconds, cases and expense reports could  be found.

Employees were now able to track and update client complaints, costs and general information through one secure network. This new search option enabled employees to find any information for cases based on words,  phrases or names by simply typing them into a search bar. The search function also had the choice to exclude  specific words from its results.

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