Women in Tech: History, Shocking Numbers and Side By Side Comparisons

By: Annie

Recent events such as the infamous Google memo have brought to light the treatment and role of women in the technology industry. Although females make up just under half of the American workforce (47 percent, to be exact), they only represent a fraction of the workforce in technology. The infographic below sheds light on the statistics women in technology (WIT) have yet to overcome:

Based on the direction the technology industry is heading in, computer science and technology-related jobs will be leading the way in job opportunities. However, women have yet to be represented in this growing industry. This infographic illustrates statistics and comparisons that reflect the reality females face when working in tech: they make less money, hold fewer leadership positions and receive significantly less venture capitalist funding.

Over the course of 30 years, the percent of women majoring in computer and information sciences fell by 19 percent. As technology careers gained in prestige, females were quickly pushed out to make way for their male counterparts.

Today, organizations are formed with a mission to expose young girls to careers in technology, hoping to bridge the growing gap between the two. These groups advocate for and work with girls to increase interests in the STEM field, bringing awareness to a prominent issue in the tech world.

The situation for women in tech has the potential to be changed with education and cooperation from everyone in the industry. Some cities have already started paying their female employees as much or more than their male counterparts, but this issue is about more than just money. The culture of the industry, lasting stereotypes and everyday institutional challenges women endure all contribute to the generally unwelcoming atmosphere of high tech offices.

The information this infographic provides is presented to help navigate through what is currently happening in the tech world for women and show that there is a striking gender gap in the tech industry.

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