TechWeek 2015 – Chicago

By: Gino

If you are a CEO, entrepreneur, innovator, or a dream chaser, then TechWeek is the place to be. The nation’s leading technology conference is taking place in our own backyard, Chicago, during the week of June 22-28. This wonderful conference includes events such as LAUNCH startup competition, FashionTech Runway Show, Techweek GT Office Tours, and many others.

There are a variety of speakers looking to unload new knowledge and excite the crowds in the technology community. Some of the more well-known speakers include Mert Iseri from Swipe Sense, Amy Francetic from Clean Energy Trust, and Marysue Barrett from Metropolitan Planning Council. In total, there will be 49 speakers throughout TechWeek Chicago.

Many high-ranking companies come together for this fantastic event, as well. Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and more will join with startup companies to give visitors a view from each spectrum. If you are interested in such an innovative event, I highly suggest you book a ticket to attend.


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