Mobile App Development

We offer mobile solutions that automate key business processes, track location and progress, and integrate global team members with your cloud or on-site database. Improve your business efficiency and get your team back to doing what they do best. Our team of Android, iOS and cross-platform developers build applications that will bring your company to the next level.

matching brandWe have assembled a team of highly-skilled business architects, solution architects, and senior developers who are experts in their respective fields.

Leveraging PlatformsWe work with your business leaders to make sure your application makes sense for your company and its goals. We run the numbers to ensure your application generates a 300-500% ROI.

custom goalsWe build software applications that solve your business challenges once and for all. Our methodology demands we deliver projects on time and within budget.

Cross Platform Development

When your team is split between Android and iOS users, cross-platform application development can offer
a seamless experience for users of both platforms.

Xamarin Needs


The robust .Net platform of Xamarin allows developers to deliver 100% native code to any platform. This business-grade development path is the way to go for corporate applications.

COrdova Needs


For development with a quick turnaround time, the open-source Cordova platform brings simpler applications to life with the help of available plugins.

React JS Needs

React Native

When your application falls in between Xamarin and Cordova, React Native bridges the gap. This platform offers a stable performance with near-native response times and platform-specific user interfaces.

Bringing Mobile Functionality to the Warehouse


Order Processing System – A Chemical Research and Development Firm

We worked with a chemical research and development firm to streamline its inventory and ordering process. When a customer called in to place an order, the work order department employed a manual, paper-based method to relay information to their warehouse. This limited the customer service that our client offered its buyers.

A new mobile electronic order processing system connected the two departments together and provided warehouse visibility to the customer-facing staff. By integrating a new system (available on tablets and other mobile devices), the firm reduced a 90-minute process down to 10 minutes and allowed its staff to move freely throughout the facility.

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An experienced migration partner ensures you build a scalable and cost-effective infrastructure. - On-premise to the Cloud - Another cloud service to Azure - Azure Service Management (ASM) to Azure Resource Manager (ARM)

Modernize Existing Applications

IaaS to PaaS -PaaS offers greater speed and flexibility than IaaS if there are multiple developers working on the same project. SQL Server to Azure SQL database - Azure SQL Database is an enterprise-worthy database platform that offers relational database-as-a-service.

Hybrid Environments

Hybrid cloud environments combine the use of a public cloud provider with a private cloud platform to easily navigate through issues like security, downtime risks, data management, and costs.

Cloud Hosted Apps

Create custom applications hosted on the Cloud. Azure is a fully-managed platform that allows developers to quickly build and scale enterprise-grade applications including: - Web Apps - Mobile Apps - API Apps

Other Cloud Services

- Disaster recovery solutions - Azure environment analysis and recommendations - Support, maintenance, and monitoring - Power BI

Do I Need to Migrate All My Data to the Cloud?

Most corporate legacy systems (i.e. database and longtime client management systems) are not cloud-ready. However, high-level IT professionals have found that technology is (surprisingly) not the biggest challenge they had to overcome when migrating to the Cloud. Their major resistance comes from the people and processes that must adapt to the change. A hybrid cloud solution allows you to continue operating these applications for a little while longer as you begin your migration. We help your organization ease into the change by validating that your workflows are simple, user-intuitive, and will make a positive difference across your business. We also partner with you to create and implement a transition plan that will work for your team.

Estimate Your Cost Savings with an Azure Platform


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Our team of experts is ready to use our proven Blueprint Process to design a custom solution to match your unique needs. Click the link below to contact an expert today.

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