Your business runs on data. That doesn’t mean you should run around to get it.

learn about alligatortek's approach to application development

Work with seasoned business architects, solution architects, and senior developers who understand your business goals.

alligatortek will make sure your project makes sense for your business.

If you build it, will your business grow? Understand the return your project will offer you – before you invest.

alligatortek offers full-service technology consulting

Your dashboards and unified systems are delivered on time and within budget.

Drive your business with “the power of one”

Unlock key business data with one screen. Custom dashboards pull information from your systems automatically into one user-friendly page. Access the information you need to make decisions quickly and easily.

When your systems can’t talk to each other,

we teach them how to say “hello.”

Whether you’ve built your company from the beginning or your firm has grown with the digital age, we bridge the gaps in your existing processes. Elevate team members with automated data re-entry and automated reporting. Connect your mobile scanners to your operational system. Integrations create one system that works just for your entire company.

Automated integrations with a million-dollar return

The Doan Group provides auto and property damage appraisal services to insurance companies. The company spent time and resources on data re-entry and manual appraiser assignments. To better manage its services, the business leaders partnered with alligatortek to build a custom automated claims management system.

With the new system, The Doan Group saves 5 minutes per claim with automated data entry, allowing the business to accept and process additional claims.  A custom dashboard narrows down assignments that require further attention. In three years, the company can capture $1 Million in cost savings with their custom systems integration.

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