Bring your business to the Cloud
with Microsoft Azure.

If you haven’t moved your systems over to the Cloud yet, what are you waiting for? IDG Enterprise found in a 2016 Cloud Computing study that an estimated 70% of U.S. companies and organizations have moved to the Cloud in some capacity. 56% are currently planning to transfer even more IT operations over to the Cloud..

Features of the Cloud

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Cloud Integrations


Operating efficiency

Operational Efficiency & agility

Cost Optimization

Optimized Costs

Ability to Scale

Ability to Scale
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Cloud IntegrationsIntegrations
Operating efficiencyOperational Efficiency & agility
Cost OptimizationOptimized Costs
Ability to ScaleAbility to Scale

Enable your team to be more productive, even while away from their desk.

Our Services

Ability to Scale


An experienced migration partner ensures you build a scalable and cost-effective infrastructure.

  • from on-premise to the Cloud
  • from another cloud service to Azure
  • from Azure Service Management (ASM) to Azure Resource Manager (ARM)
Ability to Scale

SQL Server database to Azure SQL database

Azure SQL Database is an enterprise-worthy database platform that offers relational database-as-a-service.

Ability to Scale

Modernize existing applications – IaaS to PaaS

PaaS offers greater speed and flexibility than IaaS if there are multiple developers or vendors working on the same development project.


Ability to Scale

Hybrid environments

Hybrid cloud environments combine the use of a public cloud provider with a private cloud platform to easily navigate through issues like security, downtime risks, data management, and costs.


Ability to Scale

Custom application development hosted on the Cloud

Azure is a fully-managed platform that allows developers to quickly build and scale enterprise-grade applications.

  • Web Apps
  • Mobile Apps
  • API Apps
Ability to Scale

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Setting a plan in place for interruptions can reduce downtime and keep your business running during outages. Pay only for the resources needed to run your apps during outages.


Ability to Scale

Existing Azure Environment Analysis and Recommendations

It’s never too late to optimize your current environment for improved performance and reduced costs.

  • Redundancy and High Availability
  • Security
  • Backups and Site Recovery
  • Performance
  • Right Resource Sizes
  • Cost Savings Analysis
Ability to Scale

Support, Maintenance and Monitoring

Azure’s built-in services offer a comprehensive solution to collect, analyze, and monitor your business environment.


Ability to Scale

Power BI

Azure services and Power BI can turn data processing into effective analytics and reports that will offer real-time insights into your business.

Planning a Data Migration?

Since operating in the cloud is different from operating on-premise, properly moving workloads to Azure goes far beyond a simple “lift and shift.” Unless you’re moving to a platform-as-a-service (PaaS), it’s pretty easy to get things wrong the first time. Each cloud infrastructure (i.e. Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud) offers its services in building blocks, which create many alternative ways to build your online environment.

The key to cloud migration is to find the simplest set up. This will reduce costs and make it easier for your team to transition to the new system.

Build With Azure

Here’s why alligatortek develops on the Azure platform:

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Scale your apps with PaaS and IaaS capabilities.

Business Insights


Use the business intelligence tools embedded within your apps.



Use the tools and technologies you already have and want to use.

Certification of Trust


Azure has over 50 compliance and data privacy certifications.

A major part of alligatortek’s service offerings are to review your current operations and processes to revise and fine-tune workloads. This critical, but often overlooked, step can make or break your transition. Reviewing your existing processes will streamline your operations and, ultimately, make it easy for your company to adjust to the dynamic capabilities of the cloud.

Work in Dynamic

Do I need to migrate all my data to the cloud?

Most corporate legacy systems (i.e. database and longtime client management systems) are not cloud-ready. However, high-level IT professionals have found that technology is (surprisingly) not the biggest challenge they had to overcome when migrating to the Cloud. Their major resistance comes from the people and processes that must adapt to the change.

A hybrid cloud solution allows you to continue operating these applications for a little while longer as you begin your migration. We help your organization ease into the change by validating that your workflows are simple, user-intuitive, and will make a positive difference across your business. We also partner with you to create and implement a transition plan that will work for your team.

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