Are you tired of using multiple off-the-shelf systems within your business?

Take command of your processes and drive value for your company and your team. Enjoy working with a system custom designed to support your existing workflows. Our award-winning team of business architects and software developers walk through your current business processes to build a system that will serve your business needs. We figure out whether you need a custom workflow for business process automation or an end-to-end software product.

Learn more about the types of custom solutions we’ve built:

Mobile application development - alligatortek

Mobile Application Development

Is your business able to connect with its customers and your employees?

Keep your team accountable, productive, and engaged by providing them with the tools and access they need to work on their mobile devices. Engage new and existing customers with a mobile application that is attractive and easy to use.

Bring your company to the digital age

Mobile application development - alligatortek


Web App Development - alligatortek

Web Application Development

Does your team get frustrated when accessing key systems outside of the office?

Design and build easy-to-use, attractive, and powerful web tools that can grow as your staff grows. Develop powerful business operating systems that are accessible anywhere with an internet connection.

Enable your team to do their best work


Web Portal Development Services - alligatortek

Web Portal Development

Do you need to enhance your current customer or employee experience?

Provide an industry-disrupting service by building a secure information-sharing platform and create a unique vale for your customers. Help your employees work efficiently by giving them access to get and process information quickly and securely.

Create an On-Demand Portal

Custom Cloud services - alligatortek


Cloud services - alligatortek

Cloud Services

Do you find yourself pushing off IT initiatives in the Cloud?

Each cloud infrastructure offers its services in building blocks, which create many different solutions that can work. The key to efficiency and cost savings through the cloud is to find the simplest set up. Analyze your current environment and determine whether the Cloud will work for you.

Create a Winning Cloud Strategy


Analytics - alligatortek

Analytics and Integration

How many times does your team log in to a different system each day?

Analyze your existing processes and translate your needs into custom integrations. Support your growing organization with advanced reporting and business intelligence dashboards.

Unlock the data for your team

Analytics - alligatortek


Chatbot - alligatortek


Is your team spending their time on tasks that could be automated?

Let a chatbot improve your customer service, streamline shopping, improve response rates, or even automate repetitive tasks. Bringing artificial intelligence to your site is a great way to handle the easier tasks and requests your team receives so they can focus their time on more important, higher-level challenges.

Scale your business with custom bots


Staffing - alligatortek


Do your projects require more resources than you have available?

Not every project is created equal. For large development projects or those just looking to upscale their in-house development capacity, extra help is sometimes needed. Augmented staffing gives your team the resources they need to launch their projects faster than ever.

Bring in the support your team needs

Staffing - alligatortek

Not sure what services you need?

No problem! Most of the custom solutions we create incorporate more than one of these different services to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our team will work with you to truly understand your company’s unique processes and challenges to design a custom solution that is right for you.

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