Why is Return on Investment Important to alligatortek?

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We have a relentless focus on Return on Investment.  It’s very important for us to deliver a product that is going to have a business impact for our clients.  We’ll actually walk away from clients if they are interested in doing a project and we’re not able to connect the dots between what they’re trying to do and how it’s going to have a positive impact on the business.

Having that focus and taking an owner’s perspective is something that makes us a little bit different and unique in the marketplace.  You may be thinking, “Why would you walk away from a client who has a project on the table that you don’t believe will have a strong ROI?” Great question!

In our experience, these are the situations where no one is really happy in the end.  You get the product out there, it meets the client’s specifications, it does what they want it to do, but at the end of the day it’s not producing enough value.  They could have taken that money and invested better: maybe they would have hired some additional employees, or expanded into a new location, or any number of other things that could have produced a better return.

It’s important for us to be selective about our clients so that we are sure that our services will have an impact for them.  When we’re able to deliver that value and return on investment is when we get long term client and repeat business, which is a one of our goals – to be that strategic partner for our clients.

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