Technical Definition – An application development framework that allows programmers to create iOS, Android, and Windows applications from the same C# code-base.
Creating an app with the integration of Xamarin and Azure allows businesses to scale apps globally. As Xamarin covers all major platforms (iOS, Android and Windows), the apps created using Xamarin can almost reach 90% of smart phone users.  Furthermore, the same precisely tailored user experience can be offered users of the app across all platforms.   Learn more on Developing Mobile Apps with Xamarin here.

Layman’s Definition – A set of tools for programmers that lets them build mobile apps that will run on iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets, and windows phones and PCs.

How we use it – alligatortek builds custom solutions for its clients that often involve a mobile app meant to be installed by the client’s customers or employees.  alligatortek uses Xamarin to enable clients the ability to offer those apps to the widest possible audience.

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