Web Application

Technical Definition – A computer program that utilizes web browser and web technology to perform tasks over the Internet.

Layman’s Definition – A website that enables or facilitates the user doing certain tasks or activities.  In the early history of the web, many web sites delivered static information and pictures on “web-pages”.   Modern web sites are much more dynamic, getting and sending data to various systems behind the scenes to enable users to engage in lots of different types of activities or tasks.   Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Slack, and SharePoint are all examples of widely popular web applications.

How we use it – Web applications are used for productivity as often as they are for entertainment.  Web applications that are built around specific workflows can help workers increase their throughput by eliminating unnecessary paper forms, phone calls, emails, redundant data entry, or other work not directly related to their core responsibilities.   Web applications also have the benefit of being accessible from any web browser, allowing the employer and employee to choose where and how to work.  Building custom web applications for companies is one way that alligatortek helps fuel business growth.

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