.Net Core

Technical Definition – An open source software framework maintained by Microsoft.

Layman’s Definition – A toolset developers use to create applications

How we use it – We use .NET Core in order to create .NET applications

We all know that .NET is a versatile platform, supporting desktop, web, mobile, and API development efforts just to name a few. However, complaints in the enterprise have often centered around environment limitations. Those complaints are mostly resolved with the next step in .NET. .NET Core was promised to be the next big thing in the .NET ecosystem, and it certainly delivered.

With the release of .NET Core, the platform, and tooling, went open-source and cross-platform. That means that developers can build .NET Core applications on multiple platforms now, including Windows, Mac, and nearly a dozen Linux distributions/versions. This not only opens up the platform to wider adoption in the enterprise, but also means existing users can reconsider their infrastructure as needed. In addition, the platform continues to offer improved performance and deployment processes with each release.

At alligatortek, all new .NET projects are built on top of .NET Core, and our team is trained and ready to take you through our delivery process with new development, or walk you through a legacy system migration.

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