Data Visualization

Technical Definition – The representation of information in the form of a chart, diagram, picture or other visual format.
Layman’s Definition – Data visualization is just the presentation of data in a graphical format. As humans, this is much easier to digest and make sense of than a screen full of rows and columns. Data is at the core of many businesses, and in those instances it’s paramount that clients, customers, and partners aren’t struggling to figure out what a given set of data is trying to communicate. Clear data visualizations allow businesses and partners to monitor trends, predict forecasts, capture customer interest, and more.

In the early years, data visualization methods were fairly limited. Today, however, we have more powerful options than ever on the desktop, web, and cloud. One of those tools is Power BI, which is a great tool to extract business intelligence, publish secure reports and visualizations, and more, and can tie directly into your data warehouse[link to data warehouse glossary term]. We’ve recently used PowerBI to deliver Sales KPI Data Visualizations to one of the fastest-growing book distributors in the country.

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