What’s Azure

Technical Definition – Microsoft’s cloud computing service for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-manged data centers.

Layman’s Definition – Applications that live in the cloud don’t require the people that own the apps to manage and pay for the app servers the app lives on, while at the same time still being able to access the app over the web.

How we use it – Have you moved over to cloud? Enable you team to be more productive, even while away from their desk.  Hosting on Azure is a cost-effective method of any IT-infrastructure. There are many ways to save money by hosting on an Azure platform. Learn to know how.

If you’ve been considering a move to a cloud-based infrastructure, but haven’t made the move just yet, there’s no better time than now. Stop making guesses about your hardware and capacity needs. Avoid spending on resources that will just sit idle, and instead use only what you need and scale as needed. Azure has made strides in cloud innovation, and offers tools to manage a multitude of needs in the cloud. Need to maintain fine-tuned control? Consider a lift-and-shift, where you’ll take your existing workload and migrate it to cloud native resources. Looking to offload some of the management of resources? Take a completely cloud native approach, and rebuild your services/infrastructure using any number of the managed tools and services offered on the Azure platform.

alligatortek is an Azure Gold Partner in the areas of Application Development, Cloud Platform, and DevOps. So, whether you need to build a new cloud-based application or service, migrate infrastructure, or improve your build and release pipeline, our team is standing by to help out.

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