System Architecture

Technical Definition – The process of converting software characteristics such as flexibility, scalability, feasibility, re-usability, and security into a structured solution that meets the technical needs and the business expectations.

Layman’s Definition – A structure foundation upon which developers create standardized software.

How we use it – We created a multi-user environment as the base of an architecture which helped a concrete pumping company gain more automation, more efficiency and reduced size.

Like the home you live in, all great software relies on a solid foundation. In the software world, an important step in achieving this solid foundation is centered around Architecture brainstorming and review sessions. Software Architecture goes beyond just servers and application logic, and also needs to consider other components of the business and application, such as UX, business strategy, goals, and road-maps, infrastructure, budget, and more. Creating an architecture layout allows us to break a system down into its core components and needs, and the core components of those items, and so on. This results in a high level overview of the infrastructure, systems, tools and applications being built out and used that can be reviewed with stakeholders and adjusted as needed. Once complete, this blueprint will serve as the base for any future architecture changes, the software design process, feature requests, and more.

Solution Architects lead the tech initiatives at alligatortek, and ensure that each initiative includes an Architecture Review Board Meeting. During this meeting, a skilled panel of technologists will review the proposed architecture, and offer feedback where they feel necessary. At the end, the outcome of this meeting will be a final architecture proposal that the attending architects have agreed on with the client’s best interests in mind. Ideally, this will greatly reduce the business risks that can be associated with large changes and new development.

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