Reserve Your Free Upgrade to Windows 10 Today

By: Gino

The much-anticipated release of Windows 10 is quickly approaching with the July 29th release date only about a month away. Windows 10 will bring upgrades and improvements to the Microsoft product that affect each user every day.

There are two new main features – along with many other small changes – that Windows 10 will introduce: Microsoft Edge and Cortana.

Microsoft Edge is an all new browser that’s built to give users a greater online experience. This fascinating new feature allows one to type notes on web pages and share them among others. One can also read online articles without any distractions and can save web pages for later use. Moving along, Cortana brings an exciting voice to Windows 10. Cortana helps one get tasks done throughout the day along with learning ones preferences over time.

Other neat features include the “Multi-Doing” feature. Combined with the Snap feature and designed for the ultimate multitasker, this allows users to have up to four apps in a single view. Windows 10 also enables all apps to work great on multiple devices. In today’s world, that is important because people own and operate through more than a PC – like a smart phone or a tablet.

Microsoft is allowing current Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 users to reserve their Windows 10 upgrade for free, but it has a limited time offer. Go to their website and follow 3 easy steps to Windows 10.


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