Celebrate Safer Internet Day and Get 2GB Storage in Google Drive

By: Christine

Trending Now: Storing data through the Cloud. However, as we continue to grow our cyber identities online, we are peppered with warnings to be aware of the risks associated by providing information.

To celebrate Safer Internet Day (February 10), Google is offering to add 2GB of storage to your Google Drive if you take just a few minutes to review your account’s Security Checkup. Hurry, the offer is only available to those who complete the safety check before February 17!


Here are the 5 items that Google asks you to confirm/provide during your Security Checkup:

  • Recovery Phone Number
  • Recovery E-mail Address
  • Recent Activity (Last Login)
  •       – When
  •       – Where
  •       – Option to Change your password if you do not recognize the activity
  • Option to disable access for less secure apps (recommended by Google)
  • Review/Revoke Account Permissions (Authorized Apps,Websites, Devices connected to your Google account)

Green checkboxes will confirm that you are eligible for the free storage upgrade. To enhance your online safety, it is recommended to repeat this process every few months (unfortunately, you will not receive an extra 2 GB later on).

The extra storage will be granted automatically to everyone at the end of the month, with an email notification that the adjustment has been completed.

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